… a word from the Editor Amanda

Welcome to this verywet and miserable UK mid-October. For those of you attempting ‘Stoptober’, you really must be struggling with demons right now as it’s raining everywhere here in the UK, every day, all the time. Depressing. I need my “wine time” on a Saturday night just to combat the shorter-day blues.

As we lament the loss of sunshine and deal with the wind and rain, it’s our skin that needs most attention. I have just been sent a brilliant new face masque by my skincare Guru Sophie Jane Hopwood, winging its way to our London office from the Balearics. This stuff is incredible, and I genuinely mean that.

We’re talking Skincerity. A roll-on breathable masque you sleep in, revealing radiant skin when you peel it off in the morning.

When first starting to use Skincerity, you should apply it nightly for a minimum of two weeks. This will maximize the rejuvenation of any dry, damaged skin. You should be able to see improvements to your complexion during this initial period. Thereafter, at least four times per week, rolled-on before sleeping.

I’m super impressed. This is my skin after using it for three days – all my friends gave it top marks too.

So, if you fancy trying this miracle product, please contact Sophie via her Facebook page or Instagram @playhouseeventsmallorca @mallorcamummy

Onto this week’s Zips It Up and we introduce Victoria’s Secret’s new size 14 model, check out Nike’s ‘holy trainers’, plus you can now snuggle up in warm and cosy Pringle jumpers with matching garments for your dog, courtesy of H&M. Yes, really.