Jesus Trainers

$3,000 Jesus trainers filled with holy water and bearing a crucifix are the newest way to blaspheme or worship, depending on your viewpoint. Yes, these Air Max 97s come in white, and carry 60ccs of holy water from the river Jordan in their sole.

After Crocs’ collaboration with Balenciaga, I didn’t think fashion link-ups could possibly get any crazier. Well I was wrong. Yes, a sneaker company has now collaborated with… Jesus? MSCHFhave been divinely inspired to create these customised Nike sneakers, resplendent with a bunch of heavenly features. In addition to holy water, these white Air Maxes give a nod to the red shoes recently worn by Pope Benedict XVI – their insoles bear the same fiery colouring.

Just to make them extra holy, MSCHF have added a crucifix onto the front and a Matthew 14:25 inscription. If that wasn’t enough to justify the whopping $3,000 (£2,451) price tag, they’re scented with Frankincense and made with Frankincense wool, to represent one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus upon his birth.

The Brooklyn-based brand are calling it the ‘Jesus Shoe’- guaranteed to be a be a big hit with Kanye and attendees of his famous Sunday services. 

The original RRP was $1,425 (£1,164), but because they sold out so quickly, the trainers are now over double the price. So they weren’t wrong in creating this product.

 It’s worth noting that there’s no official link with Nike. They were bought and customised by MSCHF. They drop new styles biweekly, with 11am releases on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.