… a word from the Editor, Amanda

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up. You might have noticed that I was absent last week; and for once it wasn’t down to a Balearic jaunt or birthday bash. I was poorly with a bout of ‘gastric flu’, which is highly contagious.  So, family and friends all ended up with a lovely dose of vomiting and diarrhea too. What a lovely post-summer gift.

But on closer investigation, I think I may have IBS. That’s Irritable Bowl Syndromeif you didn’t realise.

Key symptoms are a bloated belly, cramps and erratic bodily movements; caused by many things, including lack of sleep, poor diet and exercise.

Sorry if that’s putting you off your breakfast, but it’s actually quite common. 

“Diet and foods” is a subject that’s never black and white, despite our attempts to simplify and categorise. However, understanding the basics of food can help explain the bigger picture of diet, as well as safeguard against the many diet myths out there (e.g. that carb-free diets are necessarily good for your gut).

Not everyone’s IBS troubles them in the same way, and different people respond to different therapies. Managing IBS is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Here’s my brief guide.

Onto this week’s instalment of Zips It Upand we kick start with the return of DM’s – that’s Doctor Marten boots. Also, we explore the netted tiered skirt as made iconic by Carrie Bradshaw; plus if you’re a Peaky Blinders fan, the I have something to make this Christmas very special.