The Carrie Bradshaw Netted Skirt At Left Bank Six

It’s become the most iconic look of the most iconic fashion-based TV series ever.

The tutu, or tiered netted skirt, has become a symbol of the much-loved character, Carrie Bradshaw– our beloved (and the original fashion blogger) of the 90s’ legendary Sex and The City.

Who can forget the opening credits to our fave fashion box set. Carrie, in her pink Tutu on the streets of Manhattan. It became an instant classic.

Whilst those days are over, the look hasn’t died and it’s back at Left Bank Six this Autumn. Now you can recreate the look in every colour, along with your leotard, blazer or biker jacket.

Pair with spikey heels or Doc Martin boots.

It’ll be the talking point at any dinner party and a vintage piece to keep forever. Mine’s hanging up on the wall for all to see. In pink, of course.

Here’s the selection at Left Bank Sixand they come in at £85.

InCream, Blush, Flesh, Black or Charcoal.

Contact Nicole or Sophie at Left Bank Six 

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