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Hola Zipsters, from the garden at home in Hampstead.

Yes, I’m writing this blog on my laptop in a floaty Balearic dress with Ray ban Aviators and factor 30 on my face.

Today is the 1stMarch 2019. London has been basking in 20 degrees all week. I did the school run with the roof down and our cat escaped out of the window, because the house was so hot.

I’m caught in a moral conundrum of whether to embrace the blue skies and warmth, or to shudder with concern about what it says about global warming. This time last year, we were sledging in the snow on Hampstead Heath, this year it’s roof down weather. Crazy, to say the least.

As well as the weather, this week we have been engulfed with awards ceremonies. I know I reported on the Baftas Red Carpet last week, but there’s no avoiding the Oscars too, a week later.

Where have you been, if you haven’t seen Billy Porter in this Tuxedo Ball Gown? Who is Billy Porter? He is a gay, black actor/ singer from the US.

And I love him. Billy Porter showed that life imitates art on Sunday night, when he put on a jaw-dropping display on the red carpet in Hollywood.

The American Horror Story star turned heads in an astonishing tuxedo-gown for the star-studded event, which even managed to make Best Actress nominee Glenn Close speechless.

The Grammy winning entertainer’s unmissable outfit was designed by Christian Siriano and boasted a ballgown bottom and classic tuxedo top.

It also featured ruffled sleeves and a long train. The statement dress was made entirely of black velvet and was topped off with a classic black bow tie, also in velvet.

Billy was part of the red carpet fashion team for US TV channel ABC on the night, which saw him interview the stars on the red carpet. Twitter was full of praise, with one tweet declaring: ‘Billy Porter won. Everyone go home. Return your gowns and tuxes. GO HOME.’

Billy Porter single-handedly breaking through the snooze fest that is male fashion on red carpets. Who’s doing it like him?

I think we’ll all remember the 2019 Oscars.

In this week week’s instalment venture into BDSM – that’s Bondage Dominatrix Sade Masochism, plus this year’s colour dominates fashion, jewellery and weddings everywhere.

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