A Word From Amanda

Welcome to 2020, and our brand-new decade. I hope you all had a relaxing break – here’s to another year of fashion and lifestyle stories, zipped up for you every week, right here.

So far this year, Australia is literally on fire with half a billion animals perishing, Harry and Meghan have quit the Royal Family and Trump has tried hard to start World War 3. A nice simple way to ease into January.

Awards season kicked off with a brutal Ricky Gervais ripping the guts out of the Hollywood Elite, and the formidable JLO lost her crown as the world’s sexiest woman by turning up at the Golden Globes dressed as a Quality Street chocolate.

But let’s concentrate with new fashion happenings.

Every once in a while, a fashion trend comes along that’s so terrible, it renders me absolutely speechless. Denim panties, courtesy of a brand called Ssense, are one such product. Just when you thought jeans and underwear were two separate entities, they’ve been combined for 2020.


Forget jeggings, janties are the new unnecessary hybrid clothing product in town. Combining the comfort of underwear and the… rough denim-ness of jeans (?) into one strange and yeast infection-inducing piece of fabric.

They’re mid-rise and come complete with button closure, belt loops, and pockets. These features are presumably intended to be a selling point, but they just leave one with more unanswered questions.

I can’t imagine wearing jeans under my jeans… or under anything else for that matter. They’re obviously not swimwear because they’re not marketed as such, and who would go swimming in jeans anyway? 

You’d expect that a novelty product like denim panties would have to be reasonably priced to take-off? They’re inappropriate, uncomfortable to wear and unsightly to boot. And get this – these suckers are being sold by Ssense for around £200.

So, as we enter a thus-far mental new decade, I’ll leave you to ponder whether to extract your credit card for the above (or not). In this instalment, we discover beauty trends for 2020 and learn how my favourite high-end designer Gucci kicks off 2020 with an epic fail.

Happy New Year.