The Puffa Dress

Dressing in the winter can at times be difficult. Depending on the day, there’s rain, snow, or a bitter Antarctica-cold wind. Of course, clearly I’m talking about the UK here and not sunnier Mediterranean climes.

In the UK winter you might as well forget it, if you have to dress up to go somewhere fancy, and wait until spring. That is until now.

The Italian brand Moncler – who designed probably the only chic puffer coats in the world of fashion – has gone and created a cross between a puffer jacket and a dress. The Puffer Dress.

The Down-Quilted Long Puffer Dress comes in cobalt blue or pink. They’re sleeveless with a high neckline and hidden zip in the back. If you have your heart set on becoming the proud owner of one of these babies, take a deep breath and check the limit on your credit card. They come in at a distinctly ‘puffed up’ £2,115.

On the plus side, comparatively-speaking, the green gloves pictured above are a snip at £1,170.

My first thought when I saw these dresses was how insane they are. But the more I look, the more “genius” I consider them to be. So, if you think they’re ridiculous, just keep looking at them and eventually the puffed-up penny will drop.