The Post – Lockdown Pub

Nobody can deny that they’re missing the social side of life. And bars, pubs and restaurants will be the last to reopen post-lockdown, due to their social distancing difficulties. 

But guess who will be first in line to open, as early as July 4th?

 Wetherspoons.  They have been hard at work upgrading their pubs so they are ready to reopen when lockdown rules are relaxed.

Now let me state the obvious – a Wetherspoons pub isn’t normally my first port of call for a big night out. But I don’t think many of us are going to complain about choice of get-together location, considering that we haven’t seen our friends in eons.

The pubs will be kitted out with screens, posters and floor markings when Wetherspoons reopens its 875 locations. Signs outside and on exterior doors will help staff communicate with customers regarding how they need to queue in order to stop a build-up of people. Tables have been spaced out and screens put up in between them, in order to allow customers to keep their distance. Stickers will be placed on furniture so that it’s not moved

There will be separate exits and entrances. Welcome signs will give further guidance to customers, including asking them to only visit pubs if they feel well. (As opposed to feeling unwell when they leave the pub, which has been happening since well before Covid-19).

Perspex screens have been fitted at tills and customers will be encouraged to pay using the Wetherspoons app, meaning they can get table service. Although, drinkers can still pay using cash if they want to.

Last week the chain also confirmed it would be offering a slightly reduced menu to help with social distancing measures. Bottles of condiments, including ketchup and mayonnaise, have been replaced with single-use sachets.

Wetherspoons plans to keep its opening hours the same.

Let the drinking commence.