The LeBeanock Hammock

It’s fair to say that there has definitely been a silver lining to this cloud – the beautiful weather.

We have turned our gardens and balconies into mini holiday resorts.

We all dream of lazing on a hammock next to the sea underneath two palm trees.

We might not be able to recreate the sea and palms, but we can sort the hammock.

LE BEANOCK is a fab and groovy mix of the classic beanbag and the hammock. It’s a serendipity creation of designer Tracie Herrtage.

From fashion model to expert sail maker to qualified welder, Tracie’s career in design has embraced style, fun and functionality.

A lifelong interest in interior design and furniture has given birth to many innovative ideas culminating in her unique achievement – LE BEANOCK

In 2005 LE BEANOCK was one of the stylish stars of the BBC business show pilot series, Dragons’ Den. 

The programme offers entrepreneurs like Tracie Herrtage the chance to bid for investment cash.

After a gruelling audition, Tracie was picked from 1000’s of company heads to pitch her idea to 5 of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs including Rachel Elnaugh of Red Letter Days, Peter Jones and Simon Woodroffe, founder of the Yo! Sushi restaurants, when no one knew who the Dragons were and how the programme worked.

Tracie was backed by Rachel Elnaugh of Red Letter Days.

In Tracie’s own words, “The beauty of LE BEANOCK is its simplicity. It’s a real WOW FACTOR piece of kit. It’s cool and extremely comfortable.

LE BEANOCK is ideal for all the family and is of particular comfort for those with SPECIAL NEEDS.

LE BEANOCK is almost womb-like as it is soft, secure and safe and has no hard edges.

LE BEANOCK is wonderful for well-being and stress relief., the worries of the world melt away as you are cradled in its ease and comfort.

LE BEANOCK is an experience like no other.”