… a word from Amanda

It’s week ‘whatever’ during Lockdown 2020. Sometime in April.

I’m not wholly complaining though, because the weather has surely been the most glorious that we have ever experienced in the UK at this time of the year. Perhaps it’s the lack of pollution, the almost-daily clear blue skies, trees and flowers in full bloom, butterflies everywhere and continuous sunshine that makes this whole experience just that little bit more tolerable. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m almost ‘enjoying’ this time. If that makes any sense?

Whilst I’m probably eating too much, I’m also sleeping too much, exercising and not spending any money, so it’s all positive in our household.

My other half has been streaming his live DJ sets from our lounge every Saturday night. We’re now a month in, with hundreds of thousands of viewers every weekend. He has raised a large amount of money for the NHS too, which is basically what this is all about.

Tune in this Saturday from 9pm on my Facebook page, the official JUDGE JULES page and YouTube. We’ll see you all on our virtual dancefloor – from our house to yours.

So far, I have realised that the moral of this whole life-changing experience is that we don’t need as much consumerism as we had pre-lockdown. Plus of course, the importance of human connection.

Onto this week’s Amanda Zips It Up, we have another amazing soup recipe from Chanelle Clarke, which are proving to be very popular during lockdown, the new ‘Spring Collection’ from NEWCHIC.COM and Is This The End Of The FROW?