The Feminie Bow Tie

Have you seen how many women have recently been teaming stylish suits with bow ties? Gucci are partially responsible, following recent seasons’ popular ‘pussy bow’ blouses and thin black neck ties.

The Tuxedo is a timeless classic for women, usually worn alone – with a bare chest underneath – or a bra and cami for those not brave enough. However, following the awards season and the #MeToo movement, women are fiercely opting for power suits teamed with a tongue-in-cheek bow tie.

My style icon Mossy has recently been rocking the masculine bow tie with various outfits, making this traditionally masculine look oh so feminine.

Solely a male accessory until the 1920s, the bow tie officially crossed gender lines in the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to the silver screen stars Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. Both were known for their male attire, and loved wearing tailored suits, top hats, button down shirts, and of course, the bow tie.

Now I LOVE this look, but it might be too masculine for some girls. You could always opt for the softer Gucci style pussy bow with a chiffon blouse, to make things prettier and feminine.


I found some bow ties on Amazon for literally a couple of quid. Red, Black or dark blue works equally well, and you can always add a diamante brooch in the middle for that extra ‘Gucci’ flavour.

This is how to wear the bow tie in 2019.

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