Sunshine & Glitter

Glitter is a nightmare. Having spent over almost 15 years partying at Judgement Sundays and Fridays in Ibiza, our house over there was always littered with glitter residue the morning after the “Ibiza night before”. It takes weeks to get out of your hair, as well as sticking to carpets like glue.

But some girls (and boys) love glitter and there’s definitely something very ‘holiday’ about the stuff. So imagine trying to mix it with sunscreen on a trip to the Balearics this summer. Yep, glitter sunscreen has arrived and it’s absolutely perfect for music festivals and the Ibiza pool party season.

Sunshine & Glitter have released Sea Star Sunscreen, which comes in Gold, Rainbow and Pink Glitter. It’s also SPF 50 and water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

For those heading out to festivals this season who also need a little protection from flies and mozzies, Sunshine & Glitter additionally offers a 2-in-1 glitter sunscreen and bug repellent.

It doesn’t end there either. After a long day in the sunshine or pool, we all need after-sun lotion and hair conditioner. Thankfully, that is also covered.  Awesome Sauce lotion and Hair Slay hair Detangler are available to keep folk sparkling even after the sun is down. PLUS… Sunshine & Glitter also stock a glitter lip balm.

This collection is perfect for anyone who has absolutely no intention of washing out those sparkly particles from their entire body for weeks on end, throughout the summer. For me, however, this is all one massive nightmare. But to be fair – it is biodegradable, so shouldn’t leave too much of a trail. Good luck.

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