Bad Taste At ASOS & PrettyLittleThing

ASOS is (almost) always the go-to online fashion haven when you need a new outfit for a Saturday night or want to find the perfect pair of shoes to match that dress. With hundreds of options, it seems like you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

But sometimes ASOS’s ideas hit rock bottom. This hideous lingerie set is the latest to have us crying out “what the hell happened!”

The bra looks like it was designed blindfolded, unsure of which strap goes on which shoulder. It looks neither comfortable nor sexy.

The criss-cross green lace doesn’t offer any support to your boobs, and one strap looks like it would dig into your shoulder. And the knickers look like they were abandoned midway through being stitched up on the sewing machine.

The asymmetric trend may be popular at the moment, but let’s keep it to dress hems, rather than underwear.

Another fashion low this week comes from PrettyLittleThing, who have launched a pair of denim knicker-shorts, which they claim create the perfect festival look. Exactly which festival, I have no idea, because the thought of these at Glastonbury teamed with muddy wellies makes me feel, well a bit nauseous. Let’s just assume they mean California-based Coachella.

The Mid Wash Denim Knickers, at £15, have a ridiculously high-rise leg, complete with a thong-style back – leaving very little to the imagination. And, physically ‘touching cloth’.

Needless to say, many shoppers have taken to Twitter to air their despair.

Along the lines of “WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY”

Or “I suppose if you’ve got it, then flaunt it”.

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