Scalp Micropigmentation For Men


Thinning hair or even total baldness can be a guy’s absolute nightmare, although I don’t mind a bald head as long as it’s teamed with a hipster beard.

Syrups are a no-go and the average Wayne Rooney or David Beckham style hair transplant can set you back up to £7,000, with at least 2 or 3 procedures.

What else restores men’s dignity and confidence with full hair coverage and a close shave look? Welcome to Scalp Micropigmentation at Heads Held High.

This is a brilliant solution to baldness, head scars or even alopecia, and it’s catching on fast – whether you have a partial or total hair loss, Scalp Micropigmentation is brilliantly effective. It’s a form of tattooing but uses different ink that doesn’t discolour like traditional tattoo inks.

Women have been using this method as a form of semi-permanent make up (eyebrows and lipliner) for years.

Many men know what it’s like to see hair-free patches beginning to appear on their head. Do they nothing or take decisive action? Three treatments are all that’s usually needed to do something.


  • Instant results
  • Cheaper than hair transplants and other treatments
  • Drug free
  • Non-invasive (no surgery required)
  • Looks authentic (undetectable)
  • No ongoing costs (no maintenance needed)
  • Immediate recovery

Meet Steve White, the man who can.

At Heads Held High, SMP is applied by Steve White, a qualified expert who advises and guides throughout. He will first mark out a hairline that suits and then using specially designed micro-needles will create on the scalp thousands of small pigments that look identical to short hairs. Your friends will see a convincing new hairstyle. It really is that good. It is carried out over three sessions to allow each stage of treatment to bed in and settle.

“Personal image is important to men. It just doesn’t get talked about and men havefar less help available to help them overcome appearance anxieties. Take prematurebalding. Do men worry about it? Of course, they do. At its worst, they suffer a totalloss of confidence – impacting on their ability to form relationships. At best, it incursa loss of dignity. I have also been involved with the hair transplant business over anumber of years and seen the transformative effect it has. In fact, I had a hairtransplant myself. I had thought about it for ten years then met a practitioner Itrusted. I only wish I had done it ten years earlier.

This business has given me a new
lease of life – now I want to give people the same.”

Contact Steve White at

Or find Steve on Facebook.

You can also contract me and I will put you in touch.

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