LV’s Rain Poncho

Louis Vuittonis selling a shiny silver RAIN PONCHO for a cool £5,500.

The designer poncho is similar to those handed out for free at theme parks,except that the rain cape features the eponymous ‘LV’ on the back. Bemused shoppers have widely mocked the absurdly expensive poncho on social media.

Adding a small amount more personalisation, it is also emblazoned with the words ‘Follow the yellow brick road’ – a reference to the ‘Wizard of Oz’, theme of the collection.

Would you spend the same on a ‘Rain Poncho’ as on a small car? I know which one would look better at Glastonbury, but (more importantly) which one would get you home afterwards.

I’ve read that the poncho also doesn’t actually fulfil its supposed function. Apparently, it can’t even keep the lower bit of your arms dry. How stupid.

 A description of the poncho on the Louis Vuitton website reads: ‘Crafted from papery metallic calfskin, the Rain Poncho echoes the Wizard of Oz theme that characterises this season’s collection. ‘The iconic LV signatures are reimagined as embroidered glass bead patches, beautifully offset by a laser-cut patch at the chest. ‘Brushed metal snap fastenings on the cuffs add elegant finishing touches to this standout style.’


However, thrifty consumers will be relieved to know that a similar rain protector is available on ASOS, costing a mere £17.50. Even more impressively, a rain poncho on Amazon costs exactly one penny. Or consumers can pick one up for free at a whole host of theme parks across the country.

April showers are just around the corner. It’s how you plan to dress for them that will set you apart.

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