love from Amanda x

Welcome back to Zips It Up, a fortnight since you last saw me. I’ve been blissfully Balearic, on a family holiday in Ibiza and Mallorca

Obviously, not too much is occurring fashion-wise, because the world has still ground to a halt. Factories are closed, shops are only just re-opening with old stock and designers have been self-isolating. But there’s just enough independent fashion going on from the UK to Spain for me to tell you about.

Whilst on London’s Hampstead Heath amongst all the dog walkers, lazily browsing through my fashion mags, I discovered this piece about the latest accessory to come out of Italian label Bottega Veneta.

It would certainly fit in around these parts of London, as I see little black dog poo bags everywhere. And the new BV bag is almost identical.

Bottega Veneta describe the BV Twist as having a “soft sack shape with handle that looks casually knotted and slips around the wrist.” At £1,650!

Pets at Home sell 200 dog poo bags for £1.50. I’d start with that option to familiarise oneself with the ‘look’, and then make a decision.

Back in the Balearics, there’s one thing I hate during summer – mosquitos. They’re the quickest way to shove a beautiful outdoors evening straight indoors. Sometimes, no matter what kind of repellent you use, the little buggers still won’t leave you alone. That’s why we all need a pair of Coghlan’s Bug Pants (even if they do look rather stupid).

The full-length pants are made of ultra-fine mesh, protecting your skin from mozzies. They have an elasticized drawstring waist and cuffs, so they’ll prevent even the most devious bugs from sneaking in. The Bug Pants are lightweight and cool, meaning you’ll prefer putting these on in 90-degree weather to a pair of jeans or shorts.

You can order them on Amazon for around £10.  Whilst they do come in different sizes, they’re unisex and the elastic waist will accommodate all shapes. When driven insane in the extreme by mosquitoes, one tends to adopt extreme measures.

Anyway, enjoy this packed Balearic special of Zips It Up and catch you again next week.