Logo Nails

If you’ve got as much love for “Givenchy Logo” nail art as me, then a new nail trend might be for you. Type #logonails into your Instagram search bar and enjoy the results.

You’ll find all the designer suspects on view. Many have “tried their hand” with Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger seems to be a favourite, and how could we forget Louis Vuitton? My daughter Phoebe is sporting a set of pink LV nails as we speak.

As usual, there are a fair few oddballs in the mix. Tabasco, for example, plus McDonalds. It seems that some people’s brand loyalty knows no bounds.

There are even sports logos getting in on the game – Adidas seems to be exceptionally popular.  Whilst the results aren’t displeasing to the eye, there may be something in sticking to monochrome brands.

Whilst you can’t fault Maccy D’s lurid red and yellow design for acting as a conversation starter – maybe it’s worth avoiding if heading out on a first date.

One bit of advice… leave the “artsy” bit to the pro’s. A lot of these looks can be eye-catching, but that is ultimately down to the pro finish. What’s the point in spending hours trying to stick on a Chanel ‘C’ only to have it resembling any other letter of the alphabet an amateur smudge or two later? Book in with a professional who you know to be nifty with a nail art brush, and post the finished article on your socials. And please, please somebody give the McDonald’s logo a go, and send a pic over to me. I’ll feature it on Zips It Up for sure.