Kate Moss At 44

Kate Moss turned 44 this week, and she’s as successful now as she was over 20 years ago. Her status as a style icon is immortalised in fashion history. She inspires everyone, from designers like John Galliano, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood, to Hollywood stylists, plus buyers at retail chain stores. And me.

So how did Kate get her unique take on style? As a cash-strapped teen, she hunted down secondhand clothing in London’s Portobello Market. Unlike the chic, carefully coordinated merchandise on display in fashion stores, these stalls jumbled different types of clothes together. The unusual combinations inspired her to mix things up — mens’ suits with Adidas trainers and high-heeled suede boots with antique silk nightgowns (which later triggered the underwear-as-outerwear trend).

Kate, this week celebrating her birthday

As Kate once said: “I don’t follow a trend. I just have a thrown-together look people can relate too, not too ‘done.’ ”


Still fabulous doing ‘slouch’

I love her for taking the snobbishness out of fashion. She’s the ultimate party girl and doesn’t take herself too seriously. There’s always been a youthfulness and sense of fun to her outfits, and it’s no wonder so many want to dress like her.

Little surprise, then, that designers have fallen over themselves to gift Kate Moss their clothes. When Kate wears your gear, it sells out. Take, for instance, the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. Nicolas Ghesquière, the company’s head designer in 2000, wasn’t even intending to put the bag into production until Kate picked one up. Waiting lists exploded worldwide.

Kate can change fashion overnight. Just when everyone began copying those ballet flats, she started wearing gladiator sandals. When boot-cut jeans were the style of the moment, Kate was photographed in skinny drainpipes, dressed like a rock chick in shaggy coats and vests. The boot cut was history, and skinny jeans were all over the runway and the new must-have fit.

Inevitably, Kate wanted a piece of the action for herself. She chose British retail store Topshop to launch a collaboration in 2007, which I bought in abundance. Fashionistas were thrilled, and stars from Cameron Diaz to Sienna Miller proudly wore pieces from the collection. Sure enough, first-year sales were a smash hit, reaching £6 million in the first week alone.

At 44, Kate claims her sense of style is mellowing — “You can’t walk a dog in a heel,” she’s said. So she doesn’t do that. She can wear Uggs and a Parka, refuse to wash or brush her hair, fall out of clubs with a fag hanging out of her mouth and get escorted off planes, drunk – AND STILL LOOK FABULOUS.

Little make up, zero botox, fillers and plenty of black roots.

A basic bitch she is not!

Me, if you mistook me for Kate

I am forever converted to the leopard print coat in honour of my style icon – much to my husband’s annoyance.

I say, she’s still got it. Long may we follow.

Happy Birthday Kate.