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It’s March! Supposedly “spring”.

My house in London was quilted in a blanket of soft fluffy snow, followed by slurry and treacherous ice. It looked beautiful against a backdrop of blue skies, sunshine and heathland, but it’s utter hell trying to get anywhere. It makes me want to jump on the next Balearic -bound plane!

So this week, I decided to make the blog a Travel Special, to get us all in the mood for Spring – when it eventually arrives.

In this instalment, I introduce my Guest Editor and fellow Fashionista Vanessa Townshend. Vanessa is a bespoke shoe designer, specialising in designer shoes for Private Clients, Fashion and Media.

A major shoe fanatic, Vanessa made her aspirations a reality when she opened her store, as founder of www.Heels Boutique.co.uk  in October 2014.

Vanessa prides herself on understated elegance. Creating beautiful, smart, sexy, sophisticated footwear for women with a passion for shoes that are unique but also wearable. Each piece is an investment and to be loved and cherished.

Vanessa steps outside of the boutique to bring you her guide to ‘What to Wear and Where to Go’ this Spring time. Plus, I bring you an exclusive interview with Ocean Beachclub Ibiza Supremo Tony Truman about his brand spanking new boutique hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Plus, all the usual fashion news and views.

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