Gucci Brows

I get it, that eyelashes make one’s eyes “pop”. I use fake eyelashes regularly. But what I’m NOT going to do is stick them on my eyebrows.

Nevertheless, this is what fashion brands are doing to their poor models right now, for some reason. And I really don’t get it. Gucci’s Spring 2020 Catwalk Show featured just that, as the models walked the runway wearing fake lashes applied directly on top of their brows. Apparently, it was makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver’s idea.

Now, anyone with taste should utterly adore Gucci, in fact, I admire all of their work, but this is madness. Are people really so “out of ideas” that they resort to such silly “hacks”? Surely the clothes speak for themselves?

The models were all laid with lashes in a surreal and fake style. Suffice to say, some of these models simply look mad. I bet some were angry, because this is crossing the line into “weird” territory.

I’m not saying that these models look all bad. Of course not, they are gorgeous. But a tarantula on the face doesn’t look pretty to me, so I’m going to pass on trying it at home. 

Fashion is getting exhausting these days. I can’t wait for someone to use nail polish as lipstick.