Footwear 2020

Yeezy Crocs in 2020

It’s November, so let’s start looking forward to 2020’s most random footwear fad.  And the first person to set the trend is a six year-old.

It’s rare for a six-year-old to cause such a ruckus, but when said child is North West, the daughter of two of the most famous people in the world, and she’s wearing her Dad’s (Kanye West’s) new Yeezy range, we pay attention.

North was pictured at Disneyland with her mum Kim Kardashian earlier this summer, sporting an unconventional white foam slipper.

The sartorial choice raised eyebrows at the time, but now all the pieces of the puzzle are slotting into place. Instagram account ‘YeezyMafia’, which has a following of 2.1million, has leaked images of the shoe, reportedly named the Yeezy Foam Runner.

The shoe, which Twitter users are dubbing ‘Yeezy Crocs’, appears to be constructed of a foam material and perforated sole, similar to that of Crocs.

It’s believed that the Yeezy Foam Runner will be available sometime in 2020, although no official statements from the brand have been made about a release date or its price point.

Would we wear them? They’re still ‘Crocs’ in nature, but adorned with the infinitely cooler Yeezy label.

I’m a fashion victim, so it’s a yes from me.