… a word from Amanda

It’s November, and I’m back in the UK, after a week of scary moments – none of which were Halloween-related.

Happy Halloween by the way… and the best costume goes to….

I took a week off from writing Zips It Up to spend some time with my parents at our house in Ibiza.

It was October half term, which generally holds a 50/50 chance of decent Balearic weather. Certainly, in previous years I have come back with a suntan, having spent a week by the pool, enjoying some late summer sunshine.

But not in 2019. Instead, our neighbourhood in Ibiza was struck by a tornado, which ripped apart some parts of our house, over seven minutes of pure hell. I was on the terrace with my mother, watching the dark skies above, when the wind and rain suddenly cranked into a state of mayhem and we ran for our lives.

I posted pics of the storm and the damage it caused on my Facebook page this week, if you want to have a “nosey”. 

Anyway, suffice to say, I didn’t get any shopping done and didn’t come back with a tan.

And guess what? Typically, it’s absolutely beautiful in the Balearics this week, now we’re back home in London.

At least it’s something to tell the grandkids one day.

Anyway, moving on, it’s now November and time to crack on with winter and Christmas. This week, I zip uppossibly the most extravagant Christmas advent calendar ever, take a look at next year’s must have footwear and break the news that my favourite Gallagher brother has lost his fashion label.