Chanelle’s Final Xmas Gift Guide

On the gift front, one person we should never overlook is the person who hosts us at Christmas. With all the conflicting reports regarding permissible “hosting” arrangements and all the government dictats, it is difficult to know quite where we stand this Christmas. However, forewarned is forearmed, so it’s worthwhile having a tasteful, thoughtful “host gift” at the ready. I like to treat people to items they might not indulge in themselves, and here are a few suggestions.

Diptyque – Sapin de Nuit Candle

Beautifully painted with festive illustrations, this forest pine scented candle is sure to evoke the scent of the season. Being Diptyque, the quality is of course superlative.


Hotel Chocolat Wreath

This large chocolate wreath made of 50% milk chocolate,cookies and florentines is just made for sharing. Any host would be delighted to receive this impeccably packaged gift.


8knots Oyster Bottle Opener

This truly is an Objet d’art, a rare, unique piece. A little decadent perhaps, yet there is no better time to be that way than Christmas. This is a real-deal oyster shell set in a bronze wax. To be treasured for life.


Sloane Stationary Guest Book No9

“Distinguished Guests”

Handmade in England by this eponymous stationer. The paper is luxurious and gilt edged, the card black and lizard embossed. A humorous twist on the formality of such books, and to be used for years to come.


Disaronno Wears Liqueur

As our hosts are of course fellow fashionistas, these Iconic bottles of the World’s favourite Italian Liqueur will be highly covetable. You can choose the designer – Missoni, Diesel, Trussardi, Versace to name but a few. Being so aesthetically pleasing, the Missoni one I received last Christmas (once its contents were enjoyed) is still in use as an ornament.


Wishing all AZIP readers a Joyous, Merry Christmas. One full of cheer, love and laughter.

Chanelle Clark Bruccoleri xxx