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CBD Oil Skin care

Marijuana beauty is a very hot topic right now, with claims that CBD oil is good for anti-ageing, acne and even serious skin issues like eczema.

It’s high times for cannabis. Forget the historical association with students and hippies, because in 2019 marijuana is all about wellness and clean living. And yes, it’s all 100% legit.

The type of cannabis everyone is talking about is cannabidiol, or CBD, one of hundreds of cannabinoids (biologically active chemicals) found in the marijuana plant.

It’s totally legal to use CBD in the UK as it’s free from THC, the ‘drug’ that gives you a high.

The legal cannabis boom began when people reported a host of benefits from taking CBD supplements. These included improving sleep, fighting stress and even helping with serious medical concerns, from arthritis – my mother uses it for that – to the side effects of cancer treatment. We had a friend who extended his life by three years using cannabis oil.

There’s now a rush of skincare infused with CBD oil, offering benefits of their own. There’s even a CBD beauty salon in my local area, Hampstead.

CBD can deliver fantastic results for acne by soothing the skin and balancing excess oil production. So, can CBD help serious skin conditions?

The benefits of CBD oil may well go beyond cosmetic. Cosmetic surgeons and international aesthetics lecturers say there is ‘promising anecdotal evidence’ in helping inflammatory skin conditions, and they are aware of people using CBD topically for psoriasis, eczema and pain relief.

Want to try this new buzz ingredient yourself? Here are the brands to watch.

The new CBD skin boosters

Holland & Barrett CBD Day Cream, £14.99

This includes a night cream, serum and muscle balms.

Affordable and a great way to dip a toe into the trend.

MGC Derma Stem Cells & Algae Night Cream, £80

This high-tech anti-ageing cream has won awards.

All MGC Derma products use CBD oil extracted from premium grade cannabis, combined with other potent wrinkle-smoothing actives.

Ho Karan The High Oil, £24.90 

You can use this High Oil on your skin and hair.

There are plenty of interesting products in this French range – from a cannabis deodorant to a CBD aromatherapy oil shown in tests to increase feelings of relaxation – but my fave is this multi-purpose regenerating oil for skin, oil and hair.

CBeautyDifferently Cannabalm, £20

A roll-on balm with a blend of lovely oils.

This UK range was created after the founders used CBD to treat a range of their own family health issues.

This roll-on balm is designed for rehydrating dry and mature skin, and there’s also a version with an added blend of relaxing essential oils.

Westlab MINDFUL bath salts, £6.99

Soothe aching muscles with these mindful bath salts.

This combines traditional Epsom salts and aromatherapy scents with CBD for a bath designed to soothe tired muscles and promote a feeling of tranquillity.

What’s the difference between CBD and hemp?

CBD oil is different to hemp oil, although both come from the marijuana plant.

CBD is sourced from the stalk, leaves or flowers while hemp oil comes the seed.

However, many beauty brands are now calling hemp oil by its proper ‘ingredient list’ name, cannabis sativa seed oil, partly to avoid confusion when reading labels and partly to ride the cannabis beauty wave.

Hemp seed oil is a rich vegan source of omegas 3, 6 and 9, which replenish the skin barrier.

It’s very helpful when you’re stressed because high levels of cortisol can reduce the protective lipids in your skin.

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