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So here we are, post-Easter hols and (in my case anyway) grinding on with that annual pre-summer diet.

And the backdrop is weather in the UK that’s best described as somewhere in between “grey drab” and simply “rubbish”.

So, what to do?

The default position is dropping everything and heading without pause onto a flight to the Balearics. Something that’s a no brainer at this time of year, whilst Med flights are still in their early season “cheap” phase. However, post-Easter another inexpensive getaway option is Dubai. It is, after all, a winter destination. As a result, its early summer flight fares plummet just as Med flights can become jaw-droppingly pricey.  So, in two words, “Dubai” and “booked”.

It got me thinking about many of the Muslim, burka-wearing women one sees in Dubai, at the malls, on the beach etc.

A few years ago, I went to a beauty salon with a girlfriend in Dubai, and was amazed at how the women step out of their burkas once inside the salon and out of male gaze, revealing hugely glamorous faces, figures and hairstyles.

I love the fact that women from Muslim countries, wearing the Hijab, can remain mysterious, solely revealing absolutely beautiful eyes and faces, plus really experimenting with new make-up trends, as the face becomes the main attraction.

These are just a few examples of the incredible make-up artists found on Instagram.

I think you’ll agree, every picture is pretty stunning?

I am really looking forward to that upcoming Dubai trip.

Onto this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It up and we head for all that sparkles in the sun, fashion low-points from on-line giants and the silent vibrator just landed. Yes really.


Thanks again to Guest Ed Mira Manley For Sunshine & Glitter this week.

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