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Hey Zipsters.

One word: WOW!

London has officially been hotter than the Balearics, and in the UK we are sporting those rarest of things – “made in Britain” suntans.

Yes, summer is now within touching distance, as is festival season. So, from now on in, Zips It Upwill bring you every summer-related trend – good or bad.

And this festival fashion recently caught my eye, to be filed under ‘Bad Taste’ for sure. Most of us know about the recent ‘fruit’ trend, in particular soooo much stuff on sale right now being pineapple-themed.

Add ‘frutiness’ to the fact that, for some, when the sun comes out, so does the glitter. And what do you get if you put fruit, glitter, sunshine and festivals together? I’ll tell you – glitter fruit-inspired body art over boobs and bums.

Definitely not one for the faint hearted, this bold beauty trend requires plenty confidence to pull off.

Coachella’s coolest festival revellers showed their devotion to the peach emoji by walking round with the design decorated on their bums, leaving little to the imagination. Thank goodness festivals are mostly standing room only.

It’s a true millennial fashion, with one exhibitionist professing her love of avocados by brandishing them on her boobs for all to see.

Glitter pineapple boobs,stretching up to the collarbone, with the gold and green glitter, have strong enough adhesive to stay on all day.

While skimpy shorts and crop tops are the staple uniform of most British festival-goers (see more in this issue), we might just have to wait for the next heatwave to see if this fruity trend hits our shores.

So expect more insane summer trends in this issue, as well as the annual Met Gala costumes, including who won and lost, plus a worrying new lifestyle twist on the ridiculous Unicorn fashion that has swept Europe over the past couple of years.

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