… a word from the Editor

It’s London Fashion week, and if our timings coincide I’ll be sipping a £20 glass of wine (slowly), sat in a row at a fashion show in Covent Garden, whilst you are checking out this week’s blog.

My fash pack and I will be attending the Hellava Girl catwalk on Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, where most of the Fashion Week action takes place.

London always oozes fashion, but I love it when LFW is in town because the streets are filled with even more OTT exhibitionists, journos, paparazzi, cameras and fashionistas. And I’ll of course be zipping it all up for you in next week’s blog.

This week I also attended a party in the newly renovated Kings Cross, celebrating the history of Kings Cross Clubland. Particularly Bagley’s and The Cross nightclubs, where many of my gang spent our weekends during the 90s and early 00s.

I went along with my husband, Judge Jules, who was a firm fixture on the Kings Cross clubbing scene.  DJ Brandon Block played a nostalgic set, taking us back to that era.

It was organised by the charity Small Green Shoots, and held in the penthouse Kings Cross offices of Camden Council (who ran out of alcohol halfway through the party – damn you Camden!) What was once The Cross is now a Tom Dixon furniture shop – uber trendy – and Bagleys is now on the site of world-famous Central Saint Martin’s School Of Art.


There was a mini exhibition of all things “90s raving”, including the mobile phones we all used to carry back then – namely these Motorola bricks. Back then, we didn’t all stand there filming the DJ, like happens today. Well, we couldn’t – phones were only phones, and nothing more. We actually danced.

I particularly loved the exhibition of a range of old ‘Raving Shoes’ that we used to wear, which someone must have preserved perfectly. From Gucci loafers to Kickers to the stompy ‘Buffalo Platforms’, of which I had three pairs of, and now my daughter wears, blissfully unaware of their heritage and dance past.

Ahhh… those were the days.

Onto this week and we explore the most popular and successful designer on the planet, delve into 2019’s most tragic fashion fails – and it’s only February – plus how to keep fit, be eco-friendly and wash your clothes at the same time.

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