… a word from the editor

Adios Lie January and hola Fizz Free February. Following ‘Dry January’, we’re all now meant to give up fizzy drinks. Not that I drink many carbonated drinks, but what next? What will we be pressured to do next month?

Why “Lie January”? Because figures show, barely anyone stuck to Dry Jan – let alone Fizz Free Feb.

On the front pages of the newspapers this week, it turns out that Dry January cheats had secret booze sessions at home. In fact, supermarket booze sales last month were up ten percent on the previous January. The spirited truth is that 53% of British households bought booze in January.

A third of all Brits claimed to cut all alcohol in January. But the stats show this was only IN PUBLIC. More than half of households bought alcohol, while Gin sales climbed 23 per cent year on year.

The study also reveals the number of meat free dinners bought in 2018 rocketed by 150 million to 4.4 billion. So, we’re happy to go veggie/vegan but NEVER give up the booze.

Well, if you’re not going vegan or fibbing about being sober, then get yourself down to FIVE GUYS burger joints, where they have just introduced ‘HARDSHAKES’ – their tasty milkshakes, now with added alcohol, to go with your double cheeseburger.

Yes really.

Anything to anaesthetise us from thinking about Brexit, I suppose.

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