… a word from Amanda

The days are getting longer, and everyone’s starting to crave those delicious summertime rituals – that Balearic trip, al fresco lunches, and maybe shopping for a cheeky new Zara dress to refresh the summer wardrobe.

But the country is still in relative lockdown. And we have a ridiculous quarantine in place, preventing travel (unless we want to stay cooped-up for 2 weeks upon return). Restaurants are only open for take-aways, and non-essential shops open after this weekend.

As you might imagine (although I’m not necessarily sure I’d agree), Zara falls under the category of ‘non-essential retailer’. 

If you’ve gone out for a food shop lately, you’ll know that we’re not going back to a ‘normal’ high street shopping experience just yet. Social distancing measures are everywhere.

According to a Zara representative, the chain will “have measures in place, fully aligned with the UK requirements.”

The British Retail Consortium has issued suggestions on how non-food retailers should prepare:

  • limiting the number of people in-store at once
  • encouraging customers to shop alone where possible
  • scheduling deliveries to avoid crowding
  • regularly cleaning door handles, lift buttons and hand rails
  • using floor markings to remind customers to maintain a distance of 2m

Other things you might see in businesses moving forward: hand sanitiser stations, plastic partitions, socially-distanced queues, workers wearing masks and gloves, and far less direct contact with shop staff.

I have to say, I am excited about shopping again, and can handle the relative pain of the measures listed above. Even Primark re-opens on Monday – without any restrictions at all. So, Zara or Primark? It’s a tough one…

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