… a word from Amanda

Welcome to the end of May. We’ve made it to Summer 2020, and it looks like the lockdown is gradually starting to lift.

Although there are very few fashion stories to discuss right now, the HUGE news is that UK clothes and shoe shops will open in a couple of weeks’ time, which would result in me being seen cartwheeling across Hampstead Heath.

But shopping isn’t going back to “normal”. We are about to embrace the “new normal” – not my favourite phrase, but an unfortunate reality. For example, this will entail queuing outside Zara. Once inside the shop, its viewing only – no touching the garments and putting them back. No “try before you buy” and no changing rooms available. And if you try on a pair of shoes (using plastic gloves) and don’t buy them, they have to go into quarantine for 24 hours. If you see something you like – you have to purchase it ASAP.

The best advice would appear to be selecting something you like online beforehand, and then grabbing it in the shop. Assuming they have it in stock.

Of course, this is all nonsense because a more practical, logical (and obvious) method would be to provide hand sanitizer at the door of every store. Or we simply stick to on-line shopping.

Of course, I want to support our High Streets before they disappear forever, but it’s not looking very promising if this impractical solution is the “new normal”.

Quite a few of us have gained some pounds during lockdown – well, I certainly have. Therefore, I would prefer to physically try on a dress in the changing rooms, like the good old days. But alas, that will now be against the rules.

So, let’s see what happens when our fashion stores open in June. It’s either going to be an interesting or a rather painful experience.