… a word from Amanda

Hey Zipsters. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year – or flu season?

My other half has just had a serious dose of ‘Man Flu’, which I’ve been desperately trying not to catch, because otherwise it’s going to wreck my party season. 

 Christmas is top of the seasonal list for health hazards. And while it’s the peak period for colds, flu and hangovers, not all of its seasonal dangers are so immediately apparent.

Cold weather and temperature changes can raise the likelihood of heart attacks and chest infections in vulnerable people, while the festivities themselves bring some unexpected risks, from asthma attacks to house fires. No wonder hospital ­admissions shoot up between December 19 and the New Year.

Here’s a quick guide for a happy, healthy Christmas.

1. Accidents at home

An incredible 80,000 people a year  in the UK need hospital treatment for Christmas-related injuries, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Mishaps range from cuts opening presents to people electrocuting themselves on fairy lights, plus falls  whilst putting up decorations.

2. House fires

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights or festive candles but both are fire hazards. Candles alone sparked 1,000 house fires in 2011/12, according to government figures.

3. Full-blown flu virus

Besides ruining Christmas for anyone, flu can lead to life-threatening complications for people with underlying conditions and the elderly.

4. Asthma attacks

In the UK, someone will have an asthma attack every 10 seconds on Christmas Day and 200 of them will end up in hospital, according to Asthma UK. The charity warns that December is full of potential asthma triggers, including cold weather, stress, smoke from open fires and strong fragrances from perfume and scented candles. Even real Christmas trees are a danger as they can harbour mould spores that trigger reactions in some people.

5. Running out of medications

It’s easy to overlook this in pre-Christmas panic but with many pharmacies shut over the holiday period, it could be a disaster. If you take prescription medicine, make sure you have enough to last over the festive period.

6. Food poisoning

Food poisoning risk rises over Christmas because people cook food that they don’t usually cook – and for larger numbers. Check the Turkey is cooked through and that prawn cocktail isn’t out of date.

7. Sexually transmitted infections

According to online pharmacies, the sales of ­treatments for sexually transmitted infections jumped by nearly 30% last January, when the consequences of the party season began to show. Ho Ho Ho.

8. Cold sores

Cold sore breakouts are more likely when you’re tired and stressed, such as at Christmas. Bad news for eating, parties and photos! I’m prone to this.

God. I’m not selling Christmas well am I?

Anyway, hope that helps. Onto this week’s instalment, and may the ‘force be with you’ this Christmas, we take a look at the 2019 Model of the Year and investigate how 2020 could mean we all start ‘RENTING’ our clothes rather than buying… keep reading.