… a word from Amanda

Welcome to DECEMBER and welcome to this week’s instalment of  Amanda Zips It Up.

We carry on with the festive theme as it’s now just 26 days until Christmas day. This week I thought I’d concentrate on some sexy “starry” stocking fillers, in the form of festive undies.  Read more to find out.

I’ve also found some Xmas pants for the lads too, which is always giggle and miles better than giving or receiving socks!

Plus, I came across the return of some 90s retro footwear on the ASOS website – all on sale.

Who remembers 80s/90s rave staples Kickers and Wallabees? Well, they’re back in fashion, and ironically it’s the younger “post rave” generation who are donning them now, i.e. young teens who weren’t even born in the 90s.

These may make a nostalgic gift, if they were your thing back then. Back in the day, I had a green pair of suede Wallabees and purple Kickers. Always worn with tags, of course.

Also in this issue. we discover a cool new T-Shirt range called ‘Random Happiness’ and as we enter Xmas party season, what’s the ultimate hangover cure?