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Welcome to official Summertime, in the UK and around the Northern Hemisphere.

I’m always happier when the days are longer and lighter (who isn’t?) But in my case, I’m especially happier to write about summer fashion.

However, there’s one accessory trending this summer which is unlikely to work its way into my seasonal wardrobe.

Brace yourself…

Shopping trolleys (you know, the kind your granny used to drag down to Tesco’s) are enjoying a resurgence for Summer 2024, minus that ‘grandma’ image. Or so the manufacturers hope.

Shopping trolleys have seen a resurgence in popularity, as Generation Z shuns shoulder bags on the long walk home from the supermarket.

Traditionally the preserve of older women, so-called “granny trolleys” are now being used by younger shoppers, with sales up 78 per cent over the past six months, according to the retailer John Lewis.

Some of the most popular brands include Rolser, which is stocked at John Lewis for £54.95 for a plain black version. A black and white striped “Jet Marina” trolley costs £59.95.

But those looking for an upmarket bag can expect to pay in excess of £170 for a top-of- the-market design, such as those from Sholley – Britain’s “most glamorous shopping trolleys”. For £195 customers can purchase the Victoria Sholley, a lightweight trolley made out of pink ‘mock-crock’ water-resistant fabric that even comes with a matching cape for dogs.

Designs often include an inside pocket for holding purses or mobile phones.

The Spanish clothing retailer Zara launched a £59.95 quilted polyester shopping caddy in grey and khaki.

The brand commented that the trolleys, with zip pockets at the front and back and a snap-button cap for extra security, sold out in Spain within 24 hours of being launched.

Chanel debuted a quilted patent leather trolley for its  fall/winter collection. The black design, which cost £6,025, came after the fashion giant Louis Vuitton launched its own trolley, designed by Christian Louboutin for a special.

The LV design featured the fashion house’s iconic monogram combined with Louboutin’s trademark red, alongside golden-brass “trunk” corners and leather ribbons. The trolley is available from second-hand retailers for £20,000.

Regrettably, at whatever price point, I’m not sure I can give this my seal of approval.

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