Thigh Length Uggs

First spotted as a bohemian trend on Kate Moss and Sienna Miller back in the early 2000s, the fur-lined boots had enjoyed a heyday, before becoming so common, your Grandmother started wearing a £5 copy to the Bingo (as well as every mother on the school run).

Until last year that is. Alexander Wang sent plush black UGG style velvet boots down the runway, and after collaborations with Jeremy Scott and Phillip Lim, it heralded the iconic footwear’s return to fashion-forward status.

Even today, UGGs are amongst the most divisive fashion items to ever walk the streets. Me? I’m a HUGE fan. I don’t care how UGGly people think they are.

The Californian (but Aussie originating) brand has partnered with avant-garde Parisian label Y/Project to bring fresh energy to its designs. The results? A little bonkers and rather brilliant, and definitely light years away from the “cutesy” styles so loved by Sienna and Paris Hilton et al back in the day.

Glenn Martens, the Belgian creative director of Y/Project, is known for infusing humour into his conceptual, boundary-pushing collections. He describes putting your foot in an UGG boot as “putting your foot in a warm pot of butter.” 

When considering his take on the Ugg, Martens said “I thought why not…immerse your full legs, so we decided to design an UGG boot that climbs up to the crotch and covers the whole leg.”

Martens has applied Y Project’s unisex, streetwear-inspired aesthetic to the Ugg designs, which were shown at both men’s and women’s Paris fashion week. “You’ll see the exact same piece on a man as on a woman, just styled differently,” he notes. “The importance of duality can be seen across this collection.”

All the classic Ugg DNA is present: the sheepskin, the chestnut tones, but this time around it’s all a little more outlandish. There are shin-high and thigh-high styles as well as UGG sliders, which all come in camel, chestnut and black. 

The UGG x Y/Project collection is priced between £195 and £995 and available now.