The Ultimate Hangover Cure


It’s Xmas party time and if you’re anything like me, the older I get, the more that hangovers knock me for six. My other half endeavours to pour a pint of water down my throat with Alka-Seltzer, which usually works. However, possibly the most effective hangover cure yethas been identified by scientists — from pear juice, coconut water and lime, drunk together as a cocktail.

Scientists have discovered that the combination is likely to help the body cleanse itself of booze faster than any other remedy.

A fruit cocktail could be the answer to curing your hangover

And guzzling it with a side of cheese, cucumber and tomatoes may ease headaches and nausea even quicker. That suits me, as I love everything mentioned. Although ensuring that I have a plentiful supply of pear juice, coconut water, lime, cheese, cucumber and tomatoes waiting for me at home every time I go out might prove a bit of a chore. 

But what about the obvious ‘black coffee’ remedy? Researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology, in Mumbai, warn that drinking coffee after a binge could prolong the agony.

They analysed dozens of fruits, veggies, pulses, spices and dairy products for properties enhancing the two enzymes that break down alcohol. Pear, sweet lime, coconut water, cheese, cucumber and tomato boosted their effects the most in lab tests.

Study leader Prof Rekha S. Singhal said: “Hangover poses a considerable threat at the individual level. Along with the occurrence of unpleasantness there is also a risk of health issues that might impact everyday functioning.”

I think he means vomiting on the carpet and bedsheets.

“It also affects the economy due to a decrease in the productive work caused by sleep deprivation, loss of attentiveness and alertness.  A beverage made from a blend of sweet lime, pear, and coconut water could be used to overcome hangover.”

So, there you have it. Stock up ASAP.