The Gucc-He Dress

FASHION giant Gucci is flogging a £1,700 orange check dress with a ribbon on the front for blokes, in an attempt to disrupt the stereotypes that mould masculine identity.

They reckon it looks great with a pair of ripped jeans, a man bag and a woolly bobble hat. The Italian firm says of its pricey check creation: “Inspired by grunge looks from the ‘90s and styled over ripped denim pants, this tartan smock in delicate colours reflects the idea of fluidity explored for the Fall Winter 2020 fashion show.

“The contrast Peter Pan collar and smock embroidery on the front add a childhood inspired element, which ties to a recurrent theme of the collection.” 

That should swing it for you, if you’re in two minds.

Somehow, I can’t see this selling out, especially in the current Covid climate.

Perhaps if you guys do fancy purchasing this dress and someone questions your decision, you can always reply with the following quote from Gucci’s website:

“Pieces with versatile ways to wear and style embrace each person who is part of Gucci’s individual spirit.”.

I would advise you ‘try before you buy’ though, because it hardly embraces the average male body-size – it only comes in XS and XSS.