Sober For October

October has become “the” month to kick some filthy habits and raise awareness for issues such as Cancer. Plus, healing what you put your body through over the summer months. 

Be a Soberhero and go 31 days without alcohol this October. Say “no” to the booze and “yes” to raising money for people living with cancer.

And every hero should have a trusty sidekick, in the shape of Macmillan, who will be with you each step of the way on your sober journey.

By signing up to the challenge you’ll doing something amazing for those with cancer. All the money raised by those Going Sober this October will help Macmillan support.

And it’s all extremely beneficial to one’s health.

  • You’ll have more time on your hands. You’ll have time to fit in a weekend run or learn something new once you’ve banished those horrible hangovers.
  • Better sleeping patterns. You’ll wake up with a spring in your step and increased energy levels – who knows what greatness you could achieve?!
  • A happier bank balance. By going booze-free, you could save a small fortune.
  • A healthier you. The best part of all. With a clearer head, clearer skin and free from hangovers, you’ll be feeling on top of the world.

As well as packing up the booze, why not try and ditch the fags too?

It’s also Stoptober, an initiative in the UK set up by the NHS and Public Health England. The concept came about to help people start the process of quitting, giving smokers the challenge of stopping completely for one month. After thinking about stopping, that first step can be the most daunting, and Stoptober is a great way to embark on the journey. Whether you have already tried Stoptober or not, here are 5 reasons why you should carry on with your challenge into November and beyond.

1) You’re more likely to quit smoking altogether

The whole Stoptober campaign began in 2012, following research that showed if someone gave up smoking for 28 days, they were 5 times more likely to stop altogether. The statistics are in your favour, so keep going.

2) You already look better

Your skin probably looks a lot brighter and more natural than it did a month ago, and people may have even commented on it. When you smoke, your body gets less oxygen through the blood vessels and they become damaged, but within a few days of quitting smoking these begin to repair themselves and the oxygen reaches all parts of your body, including your skin. 

3) You already feel better

Within two hours of quitting smoking your body starts to experience some positive effects, so imagine what 28 days will have done! Your lung capacity will have improved, and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to do intense physical activities like running or swimming. Your blood pressure has dropped, and your heart will be beating stronger as well.

4) Your health risks are reducing

Lower blood pressure, better circulation, bigger lung capacity and many other positive effects all lead to a decrease in the risk of dangerous diseases. Smokers are at a much higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots, cancer and even issues with bones and fertility, but our bodies have an amazing ability to regenerate. Once you quit, these risks began to go down as early as a week into the Stoptober challenge, and continuing on this path will help reduce these risks even further.

5) Your fertility will increase

Smoking puts both men and women at risk of infertility. Sperm becomes damaged and sperm count goes down, and women’s ability to conceive is 72% that of a non-smoker. The good news is stopping smoking reverses these effects and men and women will find it easier to conceive. 

Also, you’ll have more money. Although not linked to health, this is definitely a factor that should be recognised and celebrated. If you usually smoke a packet of cigarettes a day, you’ve already saved up to £250 in October, and that’s a rugby shirt or a couple of micro bags.