Love From Amanda x

So, I’ve returned from a “long weekend” jaunt to Ibiza – now back in London and quarantined for 14 days. However, I don’t mind, because it was totally worth it. 

We had fun at Mambos, Pikes and ate far too much delicious Spanish cuisine.

I do hope they drop this quarantine soon, because there’s nothing like a weekend break to the White Isle, especially when it’s relatively quiet. Right now, Ibiza is a bit more like Balearic wintertime but with summer temperatures.

One of the things I love most about a weekend break is travelling just with hand luggage. All you need are a pair of Havianas, sunnies and a mask – that’s it. All small enough to fit in your handbag with your wallet, phone and passport. And in the interests of luggage size, I’ve found the ultimate boho chic dress that is literally four dresses in one. 

The Disorder 4 in 1 dress by DISORDER BOUTIQUE can be worn in a multitude of different ways – perfect if you want a quick outfit change in the evening. 

On a more serious note, aware of the environmental cost of fast fashion, designer Mark Howard wanted to create a dress that you would want to wear more than once. By simply changing the way you tie the straps, you can totally alter its look.

Another important feature of the dress is the fabric, which is printed with Disorder’s own original artwork and ethically sourced in the UK. Garments are then made it in their own micro factory in Birmingham.

It ticks all my boxes. Check out more designs:

Facebook/ DisorderBoutique

Instagram: DisorderBoutique

Twitter: Disorderbrand

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