Healthcare Fashion

There’s no getting away from it. Life has may have changed forever. Once we embark upon the much-debated “exit strategy” and resume some kind of normal life, it won’t be “life” as we knew it.

Whether it’s new seating arrangements on planes or individual “Perspex boxes” on beaches perhaps becoming the new holiday reality, inevitably fashion will experience changes too.

And I mean sooner rather than later, as discovered this week.

Introducing online fashion emporium NEWCHIC.COM and their ‘Spring Healthcare Collection’. I kid you not.

This could be the new norm. If masks, visors and gloves become mandatory on public transport and in public, why not look as stylish as possible? All of this has been born in Asia, paving the way for us Europeans.

Hats and visors



All you need to do next is wait for designer boiler suits and aprons. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far though.