Elegant and Warm Legs

So, I bet you think these are a standard pair of 30 denier tights, right?

How many of us freeze in the winter months because tights just don’t keep us warm enough. Well, here’s how to stay looking sexy without resorting to fleecy Ugg’s…

COGGINGS are tights fitted with a polar fleece.  They will not only slim your legs and keep them warm this winter, but also maintain the right body temperature, even in external conditions down to -15°.

They fit perfectly with any outfit, dresses, skirts, hoodies, heels and even your little leather shorts – which I’m pairing my Coggings with this season.


Coggings’ elasticity offers incredible comfort and allow total freedom of movement. They come in 2 sizes which adapt to any shape out there. They will give you shapely legs, a rounded bum and a totallyflat stomach. And they come in sexy black and good old trusty skin colour or ‘American Tan”, as I like to call it.

Plus, they’re machine washable at 30°C and made of fleece and nylon. They sound too good to be true, don’t they?

Warm Fleece Tights – Coggings™

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