Charlotte’s Web Ibiza Necklace

If you love the White Isle as much as I do, you can now keep the outline of Ibiza close to your heart – quite literally. I’ve uncovered this stand-out new jewellery range, after they sent over this gorgeous gold necklace, perfect for my Balearic summer.

Charlotte’s Web Jewellery captures the imagination, with vibrant display of precious metals, unique handmade designs, and brilliant gemstones, uplifting and empowering with a veritable rainbow of colours.

Created by Charlotte Howarth, this bespoke jewellery collection is a celebration of different cultures and continents. It’s enchanting, evocative, and effortlessly beautiful. And it all started with a trip to India.

Captivated by the vibrant colours, charmed by the gentle spirits of its people, and empowered by a world of possibilities, Charlotte fell in love with the spirit of India. In particular, Charlotte found the beauty of Rajasthan, the Land of Maharajas, intoxicating. It was here, in the Pink City of Jaipur that she forged friendships with skilled local artisans and gemstone experts, with whom she created a collection of spiritual jewellery, inspired by ancient Tibetan traditions and symbolic Hindu practices.

It was in a back room of a small Indian shop where Charlotte, together with her newly established team, created a capsule collection of handmade silver jewellery and vibrant, colourful clothing, inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels, India’s melting pot of colours, and Charlotte’s unique sense of style and individuality. 

With the introduction of an online jewellery boutique, Charlotte’s Web was almost complete, but her adventurous spirit demanded more. Charlotte set sail once again, this time heading to the mystical shores of Ibiza, a haven for bohemians, creative souls, and artistic spirits. Inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the colours of the ocean and sea life, and the celestial energy of the island, Charlotte now calls Ibiza home.

Charlotte returns to India every year to source new semi-precious stones, discuss new designs with her team, plus to check every process to ensure each piece is ethically sourced, consciously created, and fashioned with love. With PR and buying assistant Lisa Creed at her side, Charlotte looks forward to taking Charlotte’s Web to the next level. 


The perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding guests of an Ibiza wedding or an Ibiza hen party.

This stunning gold necklace reproduces the outline of the Ibiza island and features the island’s Scorpio star constellation (which shines its powerful light over this magical place, energising all who visit it). On one side it shimmers with zirconia stones;  on the other it is engraved with ‘Ibiza’. You decide how to wear it.

Your chosen necklace will arrive packaged in a Charlotte’s Web gift box and come complete with a card explaining the magic of Ibiza and the Scorpio constellation.

Match with our Ibiza Constellation Bracelet for a magical set.

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