bedTAN Self Tanning

I’ve had a 100% natural tan just about all summer long. 50% Balearic and 50% British. Sadly, as soon as that sun disappears, bang goes that tan (followed shortly by the disappearance of a “glowing” summer state of mind).

I’m not one for sunbeds and I’m well and truly over the thousands of bronzing lotions and potions out there. However…

I was recently introduced to bedTAN, a new tanning mousse range which promises to keep you glowing all the way through the winter months ahead.

I tried these gorgeous products, along with a fabulous mitten,  and I was blown away by the results.

Me Before & After

 ‘bedTAN’came about after the brains behind the business suffered a cancer diagnosis within the family, back in 2017. ‘Oh ORGANIC HD-OMBRE’was developed and formulated after research into the dangers of parabens and other toxic chemicals frequently used in the beauty industry. Being a long-time lover of sunless suntans, bedTAN went in search of a chemicalfree vegan product that would generate the longest lasting insta-grade sunless tan. 

“OH ORGANIC” HD – OMBRÉ is beautiful golden mousse which doesn’t clog pores, so can be used on the face as well as the body. It makes the skin feel soft, supple and hydrated, plus it dries in an instant.

Sounds good to me – a long-lasting tan for the face and body and which fades like a real suntan, which can be overlapped on layers, still looking the realistic, with no crackles and patches. 

Roll on winter.