… a word from the Editor

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up. It’s the end of October – 10 months down, 2 to go, before the end of this year of hell. Surely 2021 can only get better?

I suppose we may as well start thinking about Christmas and stocking filler ideas, and this week my friend Caroline informed me about some cheap and cheeky little gifts guaranteed to make you giggle at Poundland. But here’s the question, would YOU buy a ‘Viagra’ equivalent from Poundland?

The herbal Poundland ‘Viagra’ comes in two varieties – for men (in blue) and women (in pink). The retailer claims that the all-natural supplements can help lovers last longer in bedroom. This comes after the store increased its range of budget sex toys.

It’s certainly a cheaper and easier option, compared to the actual prescription drug Viagra, a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra works by driving blood flow to the penis which helps the man achieve and sustain an erection.

The Poundland products’ packaging recommends customers “pop two pills before playtime and say hello to fun times”.

And the store has extended its range of sex toys to include a vibrating love ring, a finger fun simulator and lube, all under the ‘Nooky’ brand.

Anything to make Christmas a more joyful event, in the current climate.

Onto this week’s Zips It Up instalment, as we we discover Lily Allen’s new ‘lifestyle’ product, elegant tights to keep you snug this winter and GIFTS IDEAS FOR HER.