… a word from the Editor

Welcome to this rather ‘designer-ish’ issue of Zips It Up.

This week, we discuss Chanel and Vogue. Two brands that we fashionistas love as though they were familiar old friends.

But our first Vogue-related conversation concerns a big topic, highlighted by the ‘British Vogue & L’Oréal Paris Present The Non-Issue Issue’issue.

It’s a special edition of Vogue dedicated to women over 50, out today.

The Non-Issue Issue has Jane Fonda, who is looking insanely good at81, as its cover star. What features inside is a vision shared by British Vogue and L’Oréal Paris: the belief that age should no longer be an issue.

In 2019, women over 50 seem absent in the beauty and fashion industries, as well as from the wider media landscape. Age discrimination still exists, both consciously and unconsciously, leaving many women over a certain age feeling excluded and invisible.

In time, this issue will impact us all, because we’re all heading for that next age milestone. Which is why now is the time to challenge stereotypes and positively shape our perception of age; encouraging a future where we can each embrace growing older, rather than treating it as something to be feared.

It was the idea of British Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Edward Enninful, who says “for me, promoting diversity in Vogue has never been solely about a person’s ethnicity or gender. It’s about diversity across the board. Seeing the amazing array of women over 50 in this special edition proves that a person’s age will always be a more intriguing, nuanced and inspiring factor than a simple number could ever suggest.”

I love the whole idea of this.

In this instalment we discuss Vogue again for different reasons, as well as Chanel and Coachella fashion –happening as we speak. Enjoy.

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