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Brrrr…. welcome to the depths of winter from the London Zips It Up office.

Cold evenings mean cosying up in bed watching Netflix, and last week we watched the documentary that has captivated the masses

If you haven’t watched the FYRE FESTIVAL doc (on Netflix) yet, you’ve probably already had it spoiled by the deluge of memes, news stories and social media reactions.

The ill-fated festival took place a while ago now, but the involvement of millennial Supermodels, used as social media influencers, has sparked a huge backlash.

The documentary tells the story of Billy McFarland, who planned to throw ‘the most luxurious and greatest music festival of all time with the best acts… which initially turned out to be Migos, Blink 182, Major Lazer.

They booked a luxurious location (an island in the Bahamas which used to belong to Pablo Escobar) and promised a luxury culinary experience.

But in reality, millennial festival goers paid as much as £9,000 for tickets only to stay in rain-soaked disaster relief tents on an unfinished building site (not Pablo’s island). “Five Star Catering” turned out to be the now infamous cheese sandwiches. And there were no on-stage acts, all of whom pulled out before it began.

Billy McFarland has since been convicted of fraud, and sentenced to six years in federal prison, but the investigations into what happened aren’t finished yet.

Supermodel faces – Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Emily Ratajkowski– were filmed in bikinis dancing on superyachts in the Bahamas for the promotional video. They could be forced to reveal the ins and outs of how much they were paid by McFarland to promote the festival in 2017.

A whopping $250,000 was reportedly paid to Kendall Jenner in exchange for a post on Instagram about members of G.O.O.D Music – Talent Agency – performing at Fyre Festival, which she did not flag as a paid post.

The upshot is that all social media influencers must hashtag something along the lines of, ‘I was paid for this advertisement’.

What a scandalous mess, but so entertaining. You MUST watch the documentary on Netflix.

Onto this week and you’ll never believe who our high street favourite Zara has collaborated with. Plus, French Connection Brides and the underwear we all need to buy for Valentine’s Day which will hopefully save Marks & Spencer from going under.

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