… a word from Amanda the Editor

Welcome to another weekly round up of fashion and lifestyle. 

While you read this, I’ll be in Ibiza for the massive One More Time Judgement event at Eden San Antonio, concluding the Ibiza 2019 season.And on another Spanish note, whilst on my way back from Mallorca to London earlier this week, I spotted some gossip regarding someone I hugely respect, who is travelling in the other direction, from the UK to Barcelona.

She is Christina Serra, married to the Man City manager – the very stylish  Pep Guardiola– her husband of 27 years. She is credited with styling Pep, 45, after meeting him in her family’s clothing store when he was a male model. They married in 2013 and have three children.

We all know Victoria Beckhamis the ultimate fashionista Wag but massive respect to Christina, who also owns a very successful fashion business, as well as being a wife and mother in a foreign country. However, something’s got to give and gossip suggests that she is moving back to Barca for good, leaving Pep in the UK with the kids (and the team).

Cristina has been commuting back to work from Manchester for the last three years since the former Bayern Munich gaffer replaced Manuel Pellegrini in 2016.

As part of the new arrangement, Pep will remain in England looking after their two other children as he looks to guide Manchester City to a third consecutive Premier League title.  Meanwhile Cristina will bring one of her kids back to Spain.

Another example of female empowerment. Good on her. I’ll be checking out her latest range ASAP.

Onto this week’s edition, and as we go into a new month, it’s is all about Stoptober and Going Sober for October, plus we discover the ridiculous micro bag trend and the rugby shirt, dominating all the fashion weeks happening right now.