… a word from Amanda

Greetings everyone and welcome back to Zips It Up, after a week off.

We’re now in week 27 of ‘THE PANDEMIC / MADNESS’ and you’re lucky if you’ve managed to hold onto your sanity up to this point.  I’ve had a few ‘moments’ – at the slightest sneeze, I’m convinced I have ‘THE VIRUS’. 

On a week when the tabloids inform us that Brits have turned to booze during lockdown – and who can blame us – it seems like Men’s Fashion week has also been on the hard stuff.

Apparently, the hottest new look for men this Autumn is the McDonalds Manager’s uniform, complete with baseball cap and the ‘security guard’. Yes, really. Think bulky bomber jacket and brutal bovver boots.

Plus, since we’ve all been told to protect ourselves on public transport, these inflatable suits are the latest trend to keep guys safe and “on point” in the barking mad world of fashion, 2020.

All you guys have to do is wear a simple pair of Y-Fronts underneath, because as you can imagine, its hot in there.

The world has gone nuts. Bring me back to sanity soon, pleeeeease.

Onto this week’s issue and we discuss the top ten garments to make you look instantly attractive, how to pose for photos and look great, plus the Louis Vuitton facemask – guess how much?

Also, don’t miss next week’s instalment as I’ll be launching a competition to win a beautiful star print dress by BOO HOO.