360 Degrees By Paul Wood

360 Degrees is a collection of poems – often humorous and always honest and reflective – based around the author, Paul Wood’s life experiences.  It is a collaboration between Paul (an artist and poet), and Art Director Graham Wood (Tomato).

To be clear, 360 Degrees is not just any old poetry collection – the book’s circular geometric art makes it aesthetically spellbinding and (in keeping with the heartfelt poems inside) it will linger with you. I was given a fabulous stylistically-matching goodie bag of T-shirts too, to celebrate the book’s launch

Paul Wood was born in East London; leaving school in 1981 he went on to qualify in Fine Art and Design.  He has utilised his artistic writing and creative skills throughout his life to further his art career.  He has successfully exhibited his work in Europe and America and his artwork is owned by clients Worldwide.  Paul now focuses on his writing, taking influences from everyday things, stories and life experiences. He writes fun and amusing poems which encapsulate the moment, viewing everyday items and situations, such as washing machines, supermarkets, in a totally different and frequently humorous way.

“I was introduced to Graham Wood’s work when I read his latest book “Memory is the Medium”. I noticed the correlation between the geometric abstract designs that appeared in my artworks and Graham’s use of circles in his work within the forms of a one sided shape.  Graham’s designs and play with words, would result in a perfect match. My writing revolves around life experiences…”

Graham Wood is the founder of the acclaimed, multi award-winning agency Tomato. He is an artist, designer and director, from print & TV, to online, events, performance, generative and reactive installation, experiential, product design, film and motion graphics.  

The circular theme for the artwork happened organically, almost by accident, when Graham  began  to make very simple, almost children’s book-like imagery for Paul’s poems, and realised once he’d created  6 or 7 images that they were all constructed from circles. It was at that stage that Graham pursued circles as a theme . But it’s not art for art’s sake – each image relates to each poem in either literal or abstract ways.

Publisher Tracy Stokes comments: “there just seemed to be a natural pairing in their work, a mutual empathy. I saw that the tone and feel belonged in the same world and it was a joy to work with them both in being able to create this”.  

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