The Foreskin Facial

Now I’m a sucker for 99% of new beauty treatments, with the exception of the most outrageous. And one new treatment doing the rounds in Beverly Hills has to be one of the worst.

The Foreskin Facial.

Hollywood actresses are gushing about this new creation by British-born New York facialist Georgia Louise, apparently responsible for their “glowing dewy” complexions. The facial uses cells taken from the freshly removed foreskins of new-born Korean babies.

How can foreskins produce such radiant complexions?

Foreskins contain epidermal growth factor (EGF), a cellular messenger that instructs skin cells to renew and repair themselves, resulting in stronger, healthier skin. EGF is also used to regrow and heal skin in trauma patients.

These facials aren’t available in the UK yet, but you can get botanical stem cells from flowers or apples in the form of BioEffect products, as well as Micro needling. Plant-made EGF has a significant effect on the thickness and density of the skin and depth of lines.

Microneedling creates tiny, induced injuries which initiate the building of new skin. There’s also a sheep placenta application, in the form of an overnight serum, but that’s another story altogether.

We all dream of boosting collagen and creating cheekbones, but how far will you go to get perfect skin?

Not that far, in my case.

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