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Welcome to this week’s instalment of fashion and lifestyle, as we hit April and the long and winding road to Summer has its destination in sight.

Having just popped over to the Balearics, the temperatures were heading north, which kicked me into summer mode. Until being brought crashing down to earth upon returning in London, that is. Rain (and single digits) dominated the grey and miserable skyline.

The Easter chocolate fest is over, thank God. When it’s raining outside and the fridge is full of Easter eggs, it’s a dangerous distraction.

But I can see clearly now, as we count down to the Ibiza summer season, with spring and summer fashion filling our shops and wardrobes. The pre-summer diet goes hand-in-hand with that, of course.

In this issue we learn the language of Fashion, with the A-Z of Fash pack lingo, explore the Foreskin Facial, which has taken Hollywood by storm, and check out Overalls For Men – the new fashion statement bang on trend.

Thanks to my Guest Ed Mira Manley for the Overalls article this week.

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